EJA is a small firm that thinks big, feisty, thrifty, and far into the future.  Gifted with intellectual and graphic wit, the EJA staff is a talented team of writers, publicists and artists known to regularly slip under closed doors and windows. Such is our passion, determination, and acrobatic skills put in service of artists, their funders, presenters, and audiences.

No hurdle is too high.  Like dancers, we are expert jumpers.

Our means are as unconventional as our international roster of clients.  No matter the means, no matter where the client is in the world, our goal remains steadfast:  To ensure artists and their guardians—funders, institutions, sponsors– their singular place in the sun.

The ongoing intersection of press, marketing, advertising, new and social media, –used singly, combined and recombined–has created a brand new world of possibilities.  And they are endless.  As is our curiosity, which we have by the bushel load.  Our website is evidence. Please take a look.