Welcome to the Ellen Jacobs Associates blog

Welcome to the Ellen Jacobs Associates blog! I’m Philip Burnett, the office’s new social media developer. We’ve decided that communicating about our clients would be more fun–both for us and for you, potential reader–in this form. Our first post is by me, but I suspect Stephanie, the office assistant, as well as Ellen will have an anecdote or two to contribute soon enough.
With summer supposedly around the corner and most of our clients’ spring seasons wrapping up, the phones at the office have become bipolar: either they sit quietly for hours or ring with such startling consistently that someone outside the office might think we were conducting a symphony.

On a more personal note, a few weeks ago, I moved into an apartment in Bushwick for the summer, but because of incongruous schedules, hadn’t met my roommates until a few nights ago. When it came up that we represent Meredith Monk at EJA, one roommate, Ryan, exclaimed excitedly that his discovery of her work had had a profound influence on him, both personally and artistically. He explained how her philosophy has changed the way he engages with the world and rationalizes his experiences. I think Meredith has had that effect on all who know her and her work, and it is exactly for reasons (and stories) like this one that we are so excited to celebrate with her in honor of 50 seasons.


As this is our first blog post, I’ll leave links to our most recent releases, just in case you missed them:

Meredith Monk

P.S. Stay tuned for news of a new dance app, called Passepartout. We’re SO excited about it, but we took a vow of silence and that’s all we can say right now ☺.