Twyla Tharp

Forever and ever I’ve loved Twyla Tharp’s dances. How does one bottle such fearless vitality and versatility? Such witty charm? How many choreographers could dream up and then dare to unite popular and high art in a single work? Then again, how many artists could have come up with “Deuce Coupe?” Twyla Tharp has tackled everything—site-specific, experimental dance, films, Broadway, modern dance, ballet—and all with prize-winning success. Again and again. And oh yes! She’s written three books. Nothing is off her creative radar.

After the wrap of a long Sunday morning portrait photo shoot for a New York Magazine story scheduled for the opening of her Broadway hit, “Movin’ Out,” she suddenly shot up the top of a very high ladder and struck a triumphant pose. That burst of inspiration resulted in the full-page photo for the New York Mag story, as well as the cover of her best selling book, “The Creative Habit.”

Country: USA

Years: 2000

Art form: Dance

twyla tharp