Los Angeles Music Center Opera

The Los Angeles Music Center Opera Company was launched by Peter Hemmings at the Music Center in 1987.  It was a time when New York writers didn’t respond to calls from a 213 area code.  Enter our office.  John Howlett, LAMCOC’s founding marketing director and former director of public relations at BAM, phoned to ask for help.  None of the New York press was calling him back.  “But I really don’t know much about opera,” I said.  John shrugged his shoulders, saying he trusted my curiosity and ability to think on my feet.  “I know you do your homework,” he added. Intimidated by the incredible knowledge of opera lovers, I read and listened and read and listened.  For about five years, we worked on the company’s media coverage, giving the company a national reach and succeeded in getting stories and reviews in The New York Times, Associated Press, Newsweek, Time Magazine, among others.   While I never overcame my fear of ignorance, my love and appreciation of the art form deepened, which increased my passion and gratitude to John for his trust.

Country: USA

Years: 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991

Art form: Music

los angeles music center opera