Atlanta Ballet

How often does a publicist get a chance to work on Twyla Tharp’s first full-length narrative ballet and the first ballet in which she incorporated children? 13 of them, at that.  We had the chance in 2011/2012 when Twyla created the world premiere of “The Princess and the Goblin” for the Atlanta Ballet. While we had worked with Twyla on many previous projects, including two of her Broadway shows, it was particularly compelling to watch close-up as she created the ballet from scratch and to witness, once again, her willingness to create and then ruthlessly discard her material and re-create it until she feels it to be as perfect as she can get it, or at least, at that moment, because before you know it, she is re-doing it, once again.  Then presto!  Magic. The Atlanta dancers were with her every inspiring moment of the way–watching, absorbing, and growing and transforming themselves beyond what they thought themselves capable of.  The kids loved her, too.  When asked what was the most memorable thing about working with her, a ten year old boy responded:  “Twyla knows my name.”  A little girl piped in:  “She’s really different.  But in a good way.”

Country: USA

Years: 2011, 2012

Art form: Dance