La MaMa Moves!

The Festival began in 2006 as a kind of grab bag of dance. La MaMa’s doors swung open to every kind of movement imaginable: modern, tap, hip hop, ballet, hula, theater dance, Indian, and everything in between. In keeping with the theatrical vision of La MaMa’s founder Ellen Stewart, the dance festival offers spots to the new and untried, as well as to the seasoned experimentalist seeking a new adventure.  The result:  Everything you ever wanted to know about dance below 14th Street is on at least one of the three La MaMa stages, and often on all three at the same time. Nicky Pariaso, the festival’s intrepid and loving curator, welcomed the dance world with open arms.  For the publicist, as well as curator, keeping track of who was where and when required the vision of an airplane pilot. One stage for the 2013 festival was the Brooklyn apartment of Jen Abrams. Though overwhelmed by the hurricane force of it all, the press interest, including the New York Times, Village Voice, New York Press, Downtowner, as well as countless bloggers, was greatly enthusiastic.  Where else could you get such a crash course in who’s doing what in experimental dance?

Country: USA

Years: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

Art form: Festival